Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reptile Repudiation

A Cookie Calamity...
(One cookie mistake I'm willing to 'fess up to!)

When asked if I could make cookies for a 7 year old's "Creepy and Crawly" birthday party, I had just the cookie in mind - a coiled up rattlesnake.   I made the mistake of abusing my artistic license, though.  Here is my story...

This is the cookie I found online...

Isn't he cute?  Why didn't I just stick with that and copy it?   But NOOOOOO, I had it in my head mine would be different - I would add another coil and use "realistic" colors.  Get ready to laugh, because this is what mine turned out like...

Can you believe I spent about half an hour mixing these "realistic" colors?  Can you believe I didn't stop after making the first one?  I went ahead and did them all!  In my mind, I tried to convince myself they would look like snakes in the morning (this was at 1 o'clock at night).   Yes, I agree they do resemble something realistic, but it's not snakes!  

After a day of moping about them, wondering if I should just put names on them, let them go, and be done with it, I decided to never settle for less.  I baked more cookies last night, found another snake image online and did my best at copying it while adding my own flair.  At 1:30 last night, these are what I came up with...

Not very realistic, but they are much cuter, I think!

And they don't look like crap, either!

I feel a whole lot better knowing I did the right thing by doing them completely over... completely tired, too, but better.  The birthday boy deserves a good cookie.  It's my job and honor to make sure that he gets one.

I hope the birthday boy 
and friends had 
a wonderful day today!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Early/Late Night with Daylight Savings Time

I thought I would be up until 2:30am working on these orders, but thanks to a friend who took the boys for an impromptu playdate, I was able to start early in the day and finish up at night. :)  

It's only 12:58am!, I guess it's 1:58am?? 
Blast you, daylight savings time!  
I may be loosing one hour of sleep tonight, but it's going to feel like I lost four, I just know it.

BUT... I'm not really complaining.  I had a lot of fun in the kitchen tonight and am happy with the results.

Here is what I was working on tonight:

Baby boy onesies for a Baby Shower

Carriages for Baby Shower

Cake for Baby Shower

Separate order for a new mommy

I must say, it was very convenient to do two orders for baby boy related events!  I had the frosting colors already mixed!  Yeay me!

That's all for now!  Time to go clean the kitchen. :)  I should be done by 1:30...  I mean, 2:30. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get your M-I-C-K-E-Y on!

There is just something to be said about a mouse with a red tongue.  He's just so cute!  

These cookies are going out tomorrow to a sweet boy's birthday party.  Do you think he watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?  I bet he knows how to do the Hot Dog Dance!  I do!  ...Do YOU?

A few close-ups...

A little about the cookies: I do not have a Mickey cookie cutter, so I used a cookie design found online, scaled it down freehand and cut each cookie out with a knife.  I had to do this with Barney cookies I made in the past as well.  In all, I made 28 cookies - 24 for the party and 4 "just in case" cookies.  The photo only shows 16 because they fit nicely on my wooden board. :)

Thank you, Susan!  I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm in Cookie Cutter Heaven!

Just recently I received two packages of cookie cutters - and I didn't even order any!  How fun is that, to receive an unexpected package, and then receiving another!!  The first one was from my mother (love you, Mom!!) which consisted of two baker's dozen cutters from Cookie Cutters 4 Less.  They came all wrapped up in brightly colored tissue paper....

The next package came from my aunt (love you, Aunt C!) with 10 beautiful cutters as well!

And can you believe, I didn't have any of them, and there was only one duplicate??  Yeay for me!!

Thank you, thank you, to two very special women in my life, who are just as excited as I am about Cookies in the Cupboard. :)  Now there are a lot more cookie CUTTERS in my cupboard that I can use!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The wait is over! Happy Anniversary, A & C!

My thoughtful, amazing, sweet cousin requested cookies for his wife for their 8th wedding anniversary.  Since they were to be shipped and she wasn't going to see them until tonight, I agreed it would not be a good idea to post the photos before she saw them. :)  But I've gotten the go-ahead and am happy to share them with you now!!

My (thoughtful, amazing, sweet) cousin gave me free range as to designs, shapes, and colors. 
"I have complete faith in you!" is what he said.  
Me: "Gulp!  Really??  Oooookayyyy..." (Okay, so maybe I just thought that).   

I was honored to make these and spent what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out what I would do.  I didn't want to just do 2 or 3 kinds of designs for 4 dozen cookies, but I wanted to tie them all together, somehow.  Some romantic, some celebration, some fun.  These are the cookies I came up with....

The Romantic...

The Celebration...

The Fun...

I really like the Then and Now car cookies ~  I had googled marriage cookies and saw the Just Married car cookie, which I used.  But I didn't want to just make a "Just Married" cookie ~ they had been married 8 years ~ a lot goes on during the first 8 years of marriage (for them, it was adding 2 beautiful boys to the mix and creating a wonderful family).  I wanted to make a cookie that represented their life now, so I made a family van.  I think the concept came out perfect!

Here's the whole she-bang!  
Not one cookie broke during the trip!

Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dr. Seuss and more St. Patrick's cookies

Today was pretty low key - I wore my favorite yoga pants (I don't do yoga) and only made a half-batch of icing - enough to frost the blue fish (I had frosted the red fish yesterday when I was working on the Cat hats).  I STILL had enough left over to play around with some more St. Patrick's Day designs.  All while my youngest was in preschool.  Yeay for me!

Here are those cute little fish...

And here they are, on a dish...

Swish, swish!  I wish for fish!

Here they are all together...

I miscalculated when I made the Cat In Hat Cookies yesterday, so I decided to make some Irish ones...

This should be called the "Ugly Duckling", but I like the word play of Lucky Ducky.  I intend to play around more with green Irish ducks...

 For these, I used a dish towel I had for the design.  The top, I call my "earth shamrock".  For the larger one, I wanted to see what a black marble effect would have.

That's all for now!  Taking a break from decorating tomorrow and having a fun-filled family day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh the Thinks You Can Think!

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

This is going to be a quick post, because it's late and I still need to clean the kitchen!  But I'm working on some Dr. Seuss cookies for my son's school and just had to document a then and now cookie.  At this time last year, I had made Cat in the Hat Hat cookies for the same event that I'm making them for now.  

This is what they looked like then...

And here is what they look like NOW...

Imagine what I can do a year from now?   
Oh the thinks you can think, but you have to know how!