Saturday, June 25, 2011

Necessity is the Mother of Invention (or a couple new ways I've used my cookie cutters)

I DO have a lot of cutters, but still not as many as I would like, or at least as many that would make my time in the kitchen a lot more comfortable.  Does that make sense?  I think you get my point.  It's not an original idea, but the cookies that can be made with different cutters can really turn out neat.  Here are a few ways I've made use of cutters to make new cookies:

Using a large circle and two smaller circles...

 to make rainbows.

 Bad photo, but I cut the ears off of two bunny cutters to make...


 I don't have a before photo of these, but these buckets were made with a large egg cutter that I cut down to form the pail.

 My Angry Birds were made with balloon cutters, made popular by the great Sugarbelle here, and the pigs were using two small circles and one large circle, again, a Sugarbelle design. :)

 This butterfly cutter, cut the bottom wings off..


(this is one of my favorite designs - I love how the flipflops cross over each other)

 For the clouds on this cake, I used a pawprint cutter, squished down.

 And my most recent... (another one I'm pretty proud of) two bats and an egg cutter, made into an oval - 

 become Dubble Bubble!

(yes, they do make a bubble gum/candy cutter, but it's not in my collection.  
And these made a great cookie favor size. ;) )