Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday/Spring Giveaway!

Yeay!  I'm forty!!

No more waiting around for it -- it's finally here. :)

And do you know what?
I don't feel any different.

Well, maybe a little...

I feel a little more -
in control.

I think I felt all these things last year when I turned 39. :)  
And the year before that...
And the year before that...

Feelings like these, and having my loved ones around me, mean more to me than fancy celebrations and dinners.

Want to know how I celebrated? 
With a Carvel ice-cream cake!

And my family and sister sung happy birthday.
And it was awesome. :)

So it's been a great birthday
And I want to share the happiness with you!

I put together a giveaway 
that will be going to one of my Facebook fans.
Because I'm a Facebook cookier 
(more than I am a cookie blogger).

(I'm really not a good blogger at all)

So without further ado,
here is what the lucky winner will receive!

A cute bunny cookie jar,
Cut and Press set of 3 Spring Cookie Cutters,

 which includes this adorable fairy,


 and flower.
 The winner will also receive this Bunny and Carrot Cutter Set,

 Some springtime sprinkles,

 And a Set of Stand-Up Cookie Cutters!

So what do you think?
Worth playing for?

ENTRY #1) In order to be entered into this giveaway,
you must be a follower on my Facebook page and leave a comment here on my blog saying you are.

ENTRY #2) If you would like a second entry, share my giveaway on Facebook, and leave a separate comment here saying you shared.

If I don't already have your email or way to contact you, 
you MUST leave your email.  
That way I can get in touch with you if you win. :)
However, if I know you personally and you think I know your contact info, 
you don't have to leave it. :)

This giveaway will end on March 28 
and the winner will be chosen that night.
Good luck!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

This small metal bat

Is a cutter, it's true,

but turn him around,

and the things he can do!

(I smoothed out his pointy wings and ears and turned him 
upside-down to make the Lorax's face.)

Here are some more Loraxes I made using some different bat cutters:

Here is a star,
It's shooting, you see,

Now here is an outline
of a Truffula tree!

The day's not complete without 
some fun party hats,
So here's cookies I made 
of the hat of the Cat!

Hope you all enjoy Dr. Seuss today 
and everyday!