Friday, March 4, 2011

The wait is over! Happy Anniversary, A & C!

My thoughtful, amazing, sweet cousin requested cookies for his wife for their 8th wedding anniversary.  Since they were to be shipped and she wasn't going to see them until tonight, I agreed it would not be a good idea to post the photos before she saw them. :)  But I've gotten the go-ahead and am happy to share them with you now!!

My (thoughtful, amazing, sweet) cousin gave me free range as to designs, shapes, and colors. 
"I have complete faith in you!" is what he said.  
Me: "Gulp!  Really??  Oooookayyyy..." (Okay, so maybe I just thought that).   

I was honored to make these and spent what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out what I would do.  I didn't want to just do 2 or 3 kinds of designs for 4 dozen cookies, but I wanted to tie them all together, somehow.  Some romantic, some celebration, some fun.  These are the cookies I came up with....

The Romantic...

The Celebration...

The Fun...

I really like the Then and Now car cookies ~  I had googled marriage cookies and saw the Just Married car cookie, which I used.  But I didn't want to just make a "Just Married" cookie ~ they had been married 8 years ~ a lot goes on during the first 8 years of marriage (for them, it was adding 2 beautiful boys to the mix and creating a wonderful family).  I wanted to make a cookie that represented their life now, so I made a family van.  I think the concept came out perfect!

Here's the whole she-bang!  
Not one cookie broke during the trip!

Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple!!!!!


Heather Laser

Your talent is amazing! They are beautiful and so creative. I bet your cousin and his wife were ecstatic!


Thank you, Heather!