Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reptile Repudiation

A Cookie Calamity...
(One cookie mistake I'm willing to 'fess up to!)

When asked if I could make cookies for a 7 year old's "Creepy and Crawly" birthday party, I had just the cookie in mind - a coiled up rattlesnake.   I made the mistake of abusing my artistic license, though.  Here is my story...

This is the cookie I found online...

Isn't he cute?  Why didn't I just stick with that and copy it?   But NOOOOOO, I had it in my head mine would be different - I would add another coil and use "realistic" colors.  Get ready to laugh, because this is what mine turned out like...

Can you believe I spent about half an hour mixing these "realistic" colors?  Can you believe I didn't stop after making the first one?  I went ahead and did them all!  In my mind, I tried to convince myself they would look like snakes in the morning (this was at 1 o'clock at night).   Yes, I agree they do resemble something realistic, but it's not snakes!  

After a day of moping about them, wondering if I should just put names on them, let them go, and be done with it, I decided to never settle for less.  I baked more cookies last night, found another snake image online and did my best at copying it while adding my own flair.  At 1:30 last night, these are what I came up with...

Not very realistic, but they are much cuter, I think!

And they don't look like crap, either!

I feel a whole lot better knowing I did the right thing by doing them completely over... completely tired, too, but better.  The birthday boy deserves a good cookie.  It's my job and honor to make sure that he gets one.

I hope the birthday boy 
and friends had 
a wonderful day today!!


Silver Sprinkle Bakehouse

Hilarious, and very well done on the final product! I don't think kids care about realistic colors unless they happen to be very bright.

cookies and cups

Those are really cute!! My 7 year old would LOVE these :)