Saturday, April 2, 2011

Peace Out! :)

Subtitled: A Tip Worth Having :)

This adorable Peace cake went out to a sweet girl's birthday tonight.  She was having her first sleep-over with her best friends -- isn't that the cutest??  I remember having sleep-overs!  Lots of giggling, talking, dancing, music (remember Shawn Cassidy? :) Loved him!)...  I hope that this cake and cupcakes can help when their late night snack attacks hit. :)

Here is the Peace cake that I made a few weeks ago for another little girl:

"Julia" saw the photo of "Megan's" Peace cake and said "I want that one!" :)  Awww!!   It's so nice to be loved!  Your wish was my command, Julia!  (as you know, I have no qualms against repeat orders... :) they help with the learning process!)

I did learn from the first time making this cake, which made the decorating easier.   The first thing I did was mix all the colors and put them in decorating bags.

What I DIDN'T do was get more star tips.  Tip #24 to be exact.  This is my only tip #24:

I had to use this same tip on ALL the colors!  Which meant I had to wash it out after each color application.  Talk about making life hard!  Why do I do this to myself?  It seems I am always cutting cookies by hand, freehanding designs, and using one tip when CLEARLY I needed 7 (or even 3!!).  They only cost 99 cents, people!  What was I thinking??

Clearly I need to stock up on #24 tips.

Peace out! :)


JackAndy Cookies

very the cakes...I am cake challeneged!!!

Loren @ The Baking Sheet

I actually had a pair of pants with Shawn Cassidy's face embroidered on the leg! He was dreamy! LOL!

Love your groovy cake!


Ha ha ha. I ALWAYS need more tips! And I never buy them. And then when I start decorating...I wonder why I never buy them. These are so fun! I LOVE the bright colors! I'm working on some bright color creations today as well!