Friday, February 24, 2012

Monster Truck Rally Time!

A friend of the family had 3 tickets to 
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus 
last week that they couldn't use.

She asked if we would be interested in them.  
After hesitating for one nano-second 
(I had never taken the boys into Richmond by myself, 
didn't know where the Collesium was, 
and had no idea what the date or time of the event was), 
I replied "SURE!  The boys would love it!"

And they did!

  Unfortunately, you had to use the tickets during the week, so the predicament was - do I take the boys out of school early (a big no-no with us, unless it's a doctor's appointment) or risk taking them in at 7:00 at night into the city, when it's dark, and they'll have to get up the next morning for school?
I opted for the lesser of two evils - taking them out of school early.
But this post isn't really about the circus, it's about a 
When I asked our friend why they couldn't use the circus tickets, she explained that it just wasn't a good time for them, and then joked "And someone gave us tickets to the Monster Truck Rally for the next week (lots of laughing)!"  

Now you have to understand, our friend and her family are not Monster Trucksters by any means.  They wouldn't have bought the tickets deliberately just to go to a Rally.  But they're open-minded and think it will be a hoot, which I'm sure it will be!

So I made them some quick and easy monster truck cookies as a way of saying thank you for the circus tickets and to get them in the rallying mood!

Hope they have a wonderful time!



As a mother of 3 sons (mostly grown now) I have a great appreciation for these rockin' cookies. Way to go mom!!!


Thank you, MoonglitzBrenda! :)

the plaid cookie

I love these!!! You did a super job, and I love the details on them.


Thank you, Plaid Cookie! :) They were fun to do.

Kathy B

She did think they were a "hoot"! We all got a great laugh, and as always, they looked amazing & I know they will taste it too! :)


Thanks, Kathy! Mission accomplished! :)

Michele M

Well the lucky recipient of these cookies and her family inhaled them (honestly, we have never had better cookies than yours!) and did have a hoot at the Monster Truck Rally! I think my favorite was El Toro Loco :) Grave Digger SO did not win the donut competition! It was an experience to be remembered! If you ever try it be sure to bring good ear plugs!!


lol! So glad to hear you all had such a wonderful (if loud) time! :) :) That is a memory for the books, I'm sure!!


As was the circus with the boys. :) I can't thank you enough for thinking of us!