Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snowmen make me smile!

These snowmen are all for the same order - actually they are part of a large 100+ order.  I have been dying to decorate snowmen and these are my first ever.  Last Christmas was when I first started decorating cookies and I had only done snowflakes, mittens, and gingerbread men.

These full-body snowmen use red, black, white, and orange (for the nose).  I saw a package of Ghiradelli chocolate in line at the store one day that had a picture of a snowman.  I sketched it out, taking notes of the colors, etc., and when I started designing these, I used the sketch as reference.

Then I started adding other stuff, like changing the color of the hat to black, changing the scarf, adding boots and sticks.  (I needed some variety!)

Very pleased with how they came out, truth be told. :)

Now, these next little guys aren't very little. I used my biggest circle cutter to make them.  They're almost 4 inches.
For  this design, I used (who I call) the "Great" Bakerella.  If you're not familiar with Bakerella, she is actually the queen of cake pops.  I refer to her all things cake pop related.  She recently posted a cookie tutorial, out of the blue, and I was in love.  I just HAD to make these snowmen (and women!) heads!

They are the easiest to do.  And they come out absolutely adorable.

It's hard to go wrong with snowmen heads!


Berry Town Baker

Amazing work as usual Kara :) I just adore the pink ear muffs on the little girl snowman!! Keep up the good work and in this busy cookie season don't forget to take a break an admire how far you have come with your decorating in such a short time! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Beautiful as always, Kara!


I have an order Monday for snowmen! Yours are so cute!

the plaid cookie

OOOh Kara, I just adore all of these. You did a wonderful job. And variety is the "spice of life"....I love it that they are so different. It makes for a very wonderful looking platter. Great Job!!!!


So adorable, i love the Snowmen, they look amazing together!