Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let the Christmas Cookies Begin!

It has been AGES since I've blogged!  I feel so guilty!  But life happens and with two active boys and a home-based business to run, my blogging goes on the back burner.

My Christmas cookie decorating has just begun!   I'm done with the baking (for the most part), so I wanted to share my first decorated batch with you.  A special thanks goes to Callye of Sugarbelle for the Santa Face tutorial, found here at  It was just what I needed to decorate my first Santas of the season.

 Not one for following every single step (I tend to cut corners wherever I can), such was not the case with this design.  I really tried to do them just like the original.  The only things I couldn't replicate were the rosy cheeks and black candies for eyes (I didn't have either of these).  So my Santas are a little pale with black icing for eyes.

 But do you think you would have noticed if I hadn't told you?

 Check out these adorable gift trays!  I found them at a local grocery store for $1.12 each!  It was perfect for my Santa Face cookies.  Each fit 6 cookies beautifully.  I was so happy I found them!  These gift baskets are going to my sons' Religious Education teachers.

My only regret is that I probably should have made more religiously decorated cookies for them.  Oh well...  It's not the present itself, it's the act of giving that's important, right?



Adorable Kara! I have an order for a dozen Santa face cookies coming up next weekend! Thanks for posting your pics and the link to the tutorial! I'll need all the help I can get!


These are beautiful and I'm sure they will love them!


Thank you, Melody! I really like the different textures of the hat and mustache. :) Can't wait to see yours!


Thank you, Haniela! I was so happy with how easy they were to decorate - thanks a million to Sugarbelle's step by step!