Monday, May 2, 2011

Lego meets Star Wars meets Cake Pops and 3D Cake!

So,... this past weekend we celebrated my son's 7th birthday with a Lego Star Wars themed party.  He wanted Jedi Luke cookie favors, a 3-D R2-D2 (say that 10 times fast) cake, and I threw in some Yoda Cake Pops for good measure.  Here are some photos of the special event:

Jedi Luke looking like Jedi Frankenstein on the right...

A Jedi reunion...

The finished Cookie favor, complete with a Lego Minifigure packet attached...
My son wanted him holding a green lightsaber, but the best I could do at this point was a green ribbon!  He thought that was a good substitute. :)

The making of R2-D2...

R2-D2 looking like the droid himself...

I ran out of time with the accent fondant, so I started drawing with wild abandonment using a black food coloring pen...  that was fun!  Also, the silver spray paint food coloring I bought for this occasion ran out of "air", so his "head" isn't as silver as I had wanted.  No big deal! ;)

These Yoda cake pops looked so cute without the face, and again -- not something I had planned, but ran out of time decorating...
(fortunately, my 7 year old and his party guests thought they were the best in the world!!)

Cake and cookie favors on display...

My little "big" man and R2-D2...

This shirt just says it all - I mean, the Dark Side and Cookies??  

It just takes the cake!!



wow. that cake is absolutely amazing!!!
Beautiful work on the cookies, so uniformed and your piping is outstanding!

The Painted Cookie

Boy you can do it all and so well! Loved the cake, the yoda pop were great! And then the cookies with the tags were fantastic. You should hook yourself up with a party planner in your area!


Thank you, Haniela! You are very kind! :)

JackAndy Cookies

Absolutely wonderful!!!!


Great cookies and cake!! My boys are lego star wars nuts!!


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