Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunny/Faux Carrot Cakes!

I really should be working on a couple cake and cookie projects right now.  But as I wait for my little ones to drift off into dreamland, I can't help but try and catch up on my blog.  I do love my blog... even though it might think I love Facebook more. :)

First, a huge thank you to Kris of Buglet and Monkey's Cakes, for sharing her bunny and carrot cake with us all on Facebook.  It simply is the cutest cake EVER!!  I mean, cuter than the sacrificial lamb cake I grew up with (and now sacrifice/make for my own family).  

Really... super cute!

I just had to ask her if she wouldn't mind if I made one myself.  Was so excited when she gave the go-ahead!!

I was in even more luck when a neighbor saw my comment to Buglet and Monkey's photo and wanted me to make her TWO for Easter. :)

I happily said YES YES YES!  and here they are....

I used a smaller chocolate bunny for each and made two "mini" cakes, although they are each on a 9"x 13" tray.  If you can believe it, they were each longer in the beginning, but I cut the carrots down to a more proportionate size after I crumb coated them.  For each cake, I baked a 9 x 13 cake, drew a carrot template, and cut two templates out of the cake.  Then I filled it with buttercream and layered them.  Next, I crumb coated it.  The next day, I whittled away at them to get to a size I was happy with and applied the orange-colored buttercream.  The leaves are an edible grass candy I found at Michaels.  I cut a hole in the cake down one layer and wedged the bunny in.  Using a flat tip (I don't know which one or what it's called), I piped orange buttercream to make it look like the bunny was popping out.

One cake is a vanilla cake and the other is a sprinkle cake, 
using my (now favorite) recipe from Sprinkle Bakes.

I tried to recreate as much as possible what the original cake design looked like, but made a couple small changes here and there.  

I loved my little bunny/carrot cakes before I had to deliver them. :)

Kris' original cake takes the carrot, though!