Sunday, April 17, 2011

Science Baby shower cake

This little baby peeking out of a lab coat was made last week for a chemistry/biology teacher's baby shower.  It was my first attempt at a molded fondant figure and blocks.  I wanted to do more, (like beakers with bottle nipples) but the baby and coat took up a lot of room. :)  I'm not too happy with how the blocks turned out, but I was loosing my patience by that time.

The mommy-to-be loves funfetti cake and buttercream frosting.   I wanted to grant her wishes, but didn't relish the thought of making a Funfetti cake mix.  So I searched online and came across this WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS recipe by Sprinkle Bakes, found here.  It truly is a keeper -- a homemade funfetti cake!!

Can you believe my son has decided he likes THIS recipe more than my (grandmother's secret recipe for) chocolate cake??  The cake that I grew up on as the family birthday cake??  Heck,... I don't blame him -- what's not to love about colorful sprinkles in a cake?  It's a chemical miracle!  :)

In a couple of weeks I get to do a cake for a physics teacher's baby shower!  
Now THAT should be interesting!

(The pink frosting is buttercream - just the baby and blocks are fondant)