Sunday, April 17, 2011

My recent work week

A couple months ago, when a friend came to pick up her order of cookies, she noticed all these yellow post-it notes on my kitchen cabinets (they were reminders of upcoming orders) and thought it was funny.  "You should take a picture of that!" she said.  I never did take that photo, but I did keep all the sticky-notes (I'm silly like that).  Anyway, after this past week, I decided to share the system I used that helped me get through it.  

Are you ready??  

Here it is.............!

 (names have been blackened out for this post)

Instead of stick-notes, I compiled it all on a piece of paper and STUCK IT TO MY CABINET!  After each task was completed, I checked it off.  Pretty high-tech, huh?  That's me - a paper and pencil kind of gal.  Because my computer is upstairs, kitchen's downstairs, the less running up and down those stairs I have to do, I'll take any day.  
Plus I'm used to the eraser - it's a must-have with me.  One of my art teachers always sang, "Erase, eraaassseee, I'm so in love with yooooouuuu!!"  
(really.  she really did. teachers are silly like that... and this was in college.  really.)  
Well, the song stuck.  I am never without an eraser.

So here is this week's grand total:
(not counting the 30 Luigi and Yoshi cookies on Monday)

roughly 18 1/2 dozen cookies (224 to be exact)
3 1/2 dozen cupcakes
2 cakes (one 3D, one two-tier)
1 dozen cake pops
1 dozen fondant cupcake toppers

That's 7 birthday parties, 3 class parties, and one wedding!
Whew!  I can hardly say that without taking a breath!

...and my sanity's still intact!  Thanks to my paper system above, I was able to push through.  And from the feedback I have received so far (so far!!  fingers crossed!!),  my clients were pleased with their products.   My husband has not left me, my boys still love me (we had a "Day Out With Mommy" today, just me and my boys).  I DID have to miss my BodyPump class on Monday and Friday - okay, THAT was a bummer!   I've learned my lesson, though - know when to politely decline.  I just like decorating for events SOOOOO much!  
It's a hard pill to swallow.

Yes, I would love a swankier type of system, but it's tough to learn new habits.
It works for me!


JackAndy Cookies

Congrats...that is one crazy week!!! I use one of those school planners we had in high school....very professional!!

Silver Sprinkle Bakehouse

That is insane! Congrats on getting it all done! Oh, and I like your method. It's better than all the post-its I have stuck to my cabinets. LOL!